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Where to get sushi fish in the San Francisco Bay Area? Part 3 - Tokyo Fish Market

By far, what I think to be the best "retail" store to buy fish for your sushi is Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley. If you've never been there, I highly, highly recommend going there, at least once.

The reason I think the store is the best place to get sushi fish is that:

  1. Variety of fish they carry (over 100 different varieties of fish)

  2. You can ask them to cut the fish for you (fresher, tastes better)

  3. You can ask them about fish and they will have an answer for you

I did write an article about Nijiya and Marukai; neither of them offers this type of service. Because I know buying fish for sushi is tricky (even for me), so for many folks out there, being able to ask the store clerk about the fish is very helpful. In fact, that is what I recommend everyone to do when buying fish, especially for sushi. It is an equivalent of going to an old-fashioned meat market/butcher shop. You tell them what you are making and ask for their recommendations. Going to a fish market is no different.

For that reason, I see going to Tokyo Fish Market is like going to a high-end hotel with a fantastic concierge.

This picture was taken during the Coronavirus crisis, so their selection was limited compared to other times. Still they have nice looking Tuna, Salmon and Hamachi.

Their shellfish section is great. (not in the picture, but they have live lobster and crab in a tank.)

Here is the Sashimi section, if you want to grab a few and enjoy them at home right away.

Nice selection of soy sauce from Japan.

Here is the (what I think) to be the best part.

Tokyo Fish Market carried local wasabi. Yes, it's local, from Half Moon Bay Wasabi Company. If you haven't tried fresh wasabi, I urge you to try it. In fact, I beg you to try it. When you try on your sashimi, you'll find out the reason why I asked you to try it. One caution: make sure to buy wasabi grinder also.

Oh, one last word. If you decided to go there, I recommend Saturday morning.

1220 San Pablo Ave

Berkeley, CA 94706

(510) 524-7243


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