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What exactly is Sushi Vinegar?

Making Sushi Rice is one of the most important steps when making sushi.

To make Sushi Rice, you need to add Sushi Vinegar to cooked rice. So, what exactly is Sushi Vinegar?

A standard recipe calls for Rice Vinegar, Sugar and Salt.

I use Marukan Organic Rice vinegar, Organic Cane Sugar, and Sea Salt.

The ratio we use is 5:3:1 (Rice Vinegar:Sugar: Salt).

If you want to purchase one, Sushi Vinegar is available at many Japanese/Asian Grocery Stores, including Mitsuwa in San Jose.

Seasoned Rice Vinegar" or "Sushi Vinegar" is what you can use to make Sushi Rice. (Also in Japanese, "すし酢")


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