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Take the sushi quiz

I run this Sushi Quiz online and here are the results.

For the past nine years of teaching sushi classes in San Francisco, answering 300+ sushi related questions, I learned there are many misunderstanding and myths on sushi.

My initial intent for writing answers on Quora was to educate others to clarify some of the misunderstanding like you don’t always want to eat the freshest fish.

As a fun survey experiment, I wanted to find out how much people know about sushi. These are what I consider to be fundamental questions. I posted this survey on some Facebook Food related groups and collected answers.

Here are the six answers I posted on the Quiz and the results from the 61 responses.

Just so you know even I grew up in Japan eating sushi and sashimi, I did not know most of these things until I became a sushi chef some nineteen years ago. There are still a lot I do not know about sushi. I am still learning. No need to feel bad if you don’t know answers to any of the questions.

Have fun!

Q1: What is Sushi?

a) Seasoned Rice with Ingredients

b) Rice with Fish

c) Raw Fish

d) Sliced fish

Answer: a) Seasoned Rice with Ingredients

By definition, Sushi is Sushi Rice plus ingredients. Sushi Rice is seasoned with Rice Vinegar, Sugar and Salt. Ingredients can include anything - fish, vegetables, and meats. The word Sushi comes from Su (酢vinegar) Meshi(飯rice) in Japanese. Sushi comes in many forms and varieties.

Q2: Where did sushi originate?

a) Japan

b) Southeast Asia

c) China

d) Egypt

Answer: b) Southeast Asia

Sushi is said to be originated in South East Asia in the form of salt preserved fish in rice, brought to China and arrive in Japan around 8th century.

The closest form of Sushi as we know now was invented in Tokyo about 150 years ago, during Edo Period, by a man named Yohei Hanaya. was called “Edo” during that time, the Nigiri Style Sushi is called Edo•Mae (Style)•Zushi.

Q3: Where was California Roll Invented?

a) Los Angeles

b) San Francisco

c) New York City

d) Tokyo

Answer: a) Los Angeles

a Sushi chef at Sushi bar in Los Angeles (little Tokyo) was asked the special of the day by the regular customer. Since the chef had no special on that day, after thinking for a while, he added avocado, which was an "unusual" item at that time, to crab hand roll. The customer liked it so much that it became a regular item on the menu.

However, there is another story – a chef in Vancuver claimed he is the inventor of California Roll

Q4: When is the prime time to eat Salmon?

a) 5 days after it’s caught

b) 4 hours after it’s caught

c) Right after it’s caught

d) One week

Answer: a) 5 days after it’s caught

“The Norwegians and the Swedes figured out to send salmon to the market in five days, or else, there is no flavor to the fish.”

— Paul Johnson, Monterey Fish Market

More on here:

Q5: In Japan, more people die each year from eating Mochi than Fugu (blowfish)



Answer: Yes.

Almost no one die from eating Fugu in Japan.

Q6: What is sushi knife?

a) Yanagiba, willow leaf-shaped long knife

b) A knife sushi chef uses

c) There is no such thing as sushi knife

d) Japanese chef knife

Answer: c) There is no such thing as sushi knife

Sushi Chef use “Sashimi Knife” - Yanagiba willow leaf-shaped long knife.

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