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Rare Sushi Ingredients: How would you like to order "Shinning Eyes"?

(Image by t-mizo)

Mehikari (Greeneyes/Shinning Eyes), Fukushima, Japan.

Never let the name of this delicious small fish scare you from ordering.

The name Mehikari means "shining eyes."

The fish has eyes that look like they are lit in green and blue light, thus the English name "Greeneyes."

If you haven't seen the fish before, here is what it looks like.

Easter has a video (@3:20 in the timeline) showing the fish prepared by a sushi chef.

It is a deep-sea fish living around 200~700meters in-depth, about 15cm(6inches) in length.

Also caught in Miyazaki prefecture in Japan.

Its meat is white in color, has a moderate fat content and is suitable for tempura, kara-agé, grill, and sashimi.

In Iwaki, Mehikari served as sushi.

(image by Wikimedia Commons)


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