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How Long Will Tuna Stay Fresh in a Fridge?

FDA recommendation for uncooked tuna is 1–2 days.

That being said, the following variables will change the “freshness.” The main issue is the temperature and oxygen exposure which affects the bacteria growth and deterioration of tuna.

  • How old is the tuna since it is caught?

  • How large is the tuna? (sliced, block, large fillet, etc.)

  • What temperature is the refrigerator?

  • How often is the refrigerator opened? (this will affect the internal temperature)

  • Is the tuna wrapped and if so, how?

  • Is tuna placed in the container, is so, what kind?

  • Is tuna placed over ice?

  • Is tuna skinned, gutted and cleaned?

  • Is tuna vacuum packed?

  • What kind of tuna is it?

The best way to keep the fish in the fridge is over iced, tightly wrapped in plastic or Ziploc bag.


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