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Weekend Summary May 23, 2020


One Medium article was curated. The other big news is one of the articles was curated by The StartUp, Medium's largest active publication followed by +638,802 people. Wow.

Another surprise was that I am now a "Staff" (?) for two publications: The Startup and The Ascent. I can submit my article to these publications. This is huge because all the "how to write/succeed on medium articles" suggest you do: submit to a publication! This is a big step.

(I am a writer for two publications and now, submit articles for a wider audience!)

For those who are unfamiliar with and its publications, it is:

Publications are shared spaces for stories written around a common theme or topic, usually by multiple authors.

It's a big deal because when your article is curated, it will have a chance to be read by more medium readers, which will increase the Medium partnership earnings.

I emailed Heated and no response. I looked at other publications and didn't find a one that my article would fit.

But now, they gave me an opportunity to submit - Yay!



I am working on a free ebook, "The how of Sushi: I came up with two covers and asked Facebook friends which one they liked. 5:4, and the blue cover was the winner.

(Blue is the winner!)

I am planning to finish this by the end of next week, maybe the first week of June.

Published Articles

Author Page

Comments from the Articles I Read This Week

This is a collection of the various restaurant opening guides after the lockdown.

I believe the intent of the article/writer is good - to help others by providing information. What I find to be the problem is this: Too much information.

Business owners, especially the restaurant owners, are going through what could be the once in a lifetime crisis right now. They are under a lot of stress and have no time going through every detailed information like this to try to figure out what to do.

Alternatively, what I think to be the better solution is to offer guidelines visually. What I mean by that? Make IKEA instruction-like no words pictures only restaurant opening guidelines.

It will be easy to understand and clear. A picture tells a thousand words.

Other articles I read

Books I read this week

The Courage to be Happy, Ichiro Kishimi


Views of Medium

191 views on one week

$4.31 earnings on Medium Partner program


See you next week!


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