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Hurry - one week only countdown deal

I hope you are safe during this stat at home period.

For one week only, I am running a Kindle Countdown deals for my memoir, How I became a sushi chef.

Because I want to have as many people as possible to read the book, for the first 40 hours of the promotion, the ebook is only 99¢ - a discount of 90%!

The way it works is the earlier you buy the book, the cheaper it is.

Here is the price schedule

April 20, $0.99 (91% off)

April 21, $2.99 (71% off)

April 23, $3.99 (51% off)

April 25, $4.99 (31% off)

April 26 Sale ends

So, please share this info and let your family, friends know to take advantage of this deal.

If you purchase the book, I'd love to get your feedback. Please leave your review on Amazon so that I and others will know about the book.

Thank you so much for your support.

I hope to see you in the class soon.


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