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Do I call this hope?

During this, what "seems" to be the darkest time in my life and the rest of the world (not to all, but at least to some), I have simple breakfast this morning: Coffee from fresh ground beans, English muffin with a fried egg and Merlot Bellavitano cheese. I made a sandwich and then realized it was, "Oh, this is the 'real' Egg McMuffin!" I loved the taste of real cheese with the muffin. I looked at my wife and there was a moment of silence. Blue skies outside and birds were singing. That was then I realized everything was perfect.

For the past nine years, since we got married, I don't believe I ever had such a relaxed moment at our breakfast. Nine years ago, we had less furniture, less food in the fridge, less money in the bank account. In fact, my networth we negative $35,000 with the debt. I had no prospect on how I was going to be out of the debt, and the only thing I had was this "feeling" I was destined to make it.

And now, with California is in the mandatory shelter in place, many businesses are shutting down, some 7 million restaurant workers in the US are laid off in the past few weeks, things are looking uncertain. Many restaurants had to close their establishment and have no idea when their business will resume. Many owners face financial uncertainty. We have no bookings for the remainder of 2020, but we have bills to pay, so we are no different from others.

Yet, during this uncertain time, I am confident we will make it through. Just like nine years ago, I have this "feeling" things will bounce back, and when they do, it will be big. I know this because it was (almost) exactly like this nine years ago. I was in a hole, and when I came out, the swing was twice or three times more than the depth of the hole I was in.

So, do I call this feeling "hope"?

Well, it is, sort of, but then, that is something I am NOT sure of.

I will find out when we get to the other side and the only way to get there, is to get there (I think Oracle in "Matrix" said that).


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